Fart Mug - Farts When It's Lifted

$14.99 $10.99

Steve of Big Mouth Toys I believe has created a crowning achievement in flatulence fun. Let me explain, after 14 years of being in the industry and hearing my fair share of things that root and toot the Farting Mug in my humble opinion is number one (actually it should be number two if you think about it). Any who what makes it such a gem of gas is that when the mug is lifted it lets out a fart noise! Oh what prankster bliss to the unexpected! This gassy mug features 6 different fart noises that are really orchestrated of an excellence and are hysterical. Furthermore, upon closer examination you'll see the heart is actually a plumber's crack — a nice touch. The sound module removes with a simple twist to make cleaning fast and easy. There is also an on and off switch for when you want to go silent but deadly!