Harvest Your Own Pearl Kit

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This is one of my favorite things:

Now you can experience the excitement and satisfaction of making your own pearl necklace — beginning with an actual oyster! You get everything you need in this remarkable Farm Your Own Pearl Kit.

Your kit starts with an actual oyster preserved in a see-through can. Also included is a special necklace with an empty pendant.

You begin by using a special little tool (included) to pry open your oyster. Be warned — The oyster might be stubbon and unwilling to give up its treasure. You may have to work for it. Once you get the shell open, inside you will find a real pearl. It might be white, crea, or peach in color. There's even a chance you'll discover a rare peach or black pearl inside.

Remove the pearl, wipe it off, and insert it in the pendant. And there you have it — a pretty pearl neckalce you made all yourself. (okay, with a little help from the oyster)

The Farm Your Own Pearl Kit is fun, fashionable, and (dare we say it) a bit educational.

PLAASE NOTE: The oyster is preserved in a mixture of water and alcohol. Do not drink the liquid or eat the oyster. (yech) It's a fun project for kids, but adults must supervise.

The Farm Your Own Pearl Kit comes in an attractive gift box. as an EXTRA BONUS, a pair of earrings and a little ring are included to complete the ensemble.

Happy farming!