Marilyn Monroe Pocket Movie Viewer - Amazing

$19.99 $8.99

This product is truly remarkable. It's a handheld movie viewer that plays an actual film of Marilyn Monroe in a scene from Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend. What amazes us the most is that is actually plays a reel of FILM — 
remember that stuff? We picked these up at a surplus sale and we think they were made a long time ago. As far as we can tell, nobody else sells them.

Here's how it works. The Pocket Movie Theater is about two-inches tall and runs on one AA battery. There's a power button, and two controls for focus and frame adjustment. When you press the power button, the film begins to move through the viewer. Hold it up to your eye, and you'll be treated with a short scene of Marilyn Monroe dancing as she sings "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend." The movie is black-and-white and silent, but the effect and technolgy is still a blast! We've been showing ours to to everyone, and it's simply a fun thing to play with.

The Marilyn Monroe Pocket Movie Viewer would make a terrific — and unusual — gift for any movie buff or collector of memorabilia. And we can almost guaranteed they don't already have it and nobody else will give them one!

NOTE: colors may vary, battery not included