Randy The Rude Gnome Talking Keychain

$10.99 $8.99

Say hello to Randy the Rude Gnome Keychain. Place him at your front door to give visitors a very unique greeting. Motion activated, Randy stands tall & proud, giving you the finger. At first glance, this little guy has a sweet face, but look at his hand & you may notice his extended middle finger which is a precursor for what comes out of his mouth, phrases that might make even the stone faced guy blush.

Press Randy the Rude Gnome Keychain's feet & he will say one of the 5 nasty phrases:

- "The best thing about being a garden gnome is that I'm always hard."

- "Hey you, lean down, I wanna tell you something. Come on closer, closer, closer. Now piss off, dipshit!"

- *farts* "Oh man, I held that one in for 3 hours waiting for someone to show up."

- "Hey you, my balls are really itchy but I can't move. Would you mind?"

- "Hey you! Fuck off!"

The Randy Keychain does not have a censored version. Randy The Rude Gnome Keychain is approximately 2.5" H & 2" W.